February 8, 2013

Pothan Kron’s Wat BangSek Rare Collection

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This phim above is another of Phim Jaek Mae Nak but rare. Usually Phim Jaek Mae Nak is usually half body only. At the back are Pothan’s chivon (robe), sai mongkhun (holy thread) and you may also see Pothan’s kesa (hair). This phim is rare and hard to find as compared to Phra Pidta Pothan Kron. In Kelantan, we knew at least 2 person have such similar phim.

The mai tao above is pen-size length. The head of maitao is made of wan Phra Pidta Pothan Kron. The above two rare collections belongs to Mo (white spiritual healers/disciples of Pothan Kron).

January 27, 2013

Rian Taorig ThongDaeng, Venerable LP Phrom Wat ChongKae

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Ven. LP Phrom only made 5 pieces of this phim taorig only!

November 6, 2012

Phra Somdej Pae Parn 2510, Ven. LP Pae Wat PhiKhunThong

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This piece belongs to the boatman who use to ferry Ven. LP Pae across the river which now Ven. had built a connecting bridge. If you were to scrutinize this phim above properly you will be able to spot gold takruts on the surface. At the base of the phim you can actually see the gold takrut. Ven. inserted 3 takruts; gold, silver and copper, at it’s base.

October 27, 2012

Bucha Ven. LP Pae, Wat PhiKhunThong 2508

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The 1st , 2nd and 3 rd batch is from the same mould but only the 1st batch (roon raek) writes PhraKru Si ( LP Pae), Ven.’s  Buddhist name. Ven. was 60 years in age at that time. This is also moulded in temple. At the base are covered with earth and it was believed that Ven. inserted takruts of gold, silver and copper, just like Ven. has inserted into His Phra Somdej. But don’t take our words for it because Ven. didn’t inform us neither was it stated in the references that was made public. But we heard it from close associates when Ven. was making the bucha together with them.

October 23, 2012

Can Phra Saksit (Sacred Amulets) help me overcome my problems?

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Phra Khun Paen PhraiGuman, Ven. LP Tim Wat LahangLai.

At the back is Takrut Salika and Phra Kring bell balls.

Thank you for the response over the last few days on my postings on Ven. LP Phrom collections. Well it’s either I haven’t updated my blog for sometime, so much that some of you misses me or it’s the attraction on Ven. LP Phrom collections. I guess it the latter!

I personally think it’s a very good question posed. I have answered that before in another posting but will share my opinions again here.

Let’s take for example, I have mentioned in my posting that Phra Ven. LP Phrom Wat ChongKae is saksit, one of the very sought after high-end amulet collections. Does that mean that all whom wears his images or collections will be bestowed with miracles that changes their lives for the better? No, in my opinion. It’s very simple, if it is then the world would not have poor people or disaster. It’s all about Karma and your affinities with the Teachers. That’s why in SaengThai, we always advise amulet enthusiasts not to forget the very important amulet that you must own…the amulet of Barami (merits) . To us, this is utmost important and it goes hand in hand with the amulets you wear dearly. This is one amulet that no one can take away or destroy. And its value will only appreciate with your earnest and sincere practise. If you sincerely hope that your amulets you wear will response as you wish, then earn by practising the Dhamma which the Teachers hold very dear to their lives. Strive to cultivate virtues, meditations and merits. The energies that amulets are endowed with can still be affected negatively by the interplanetary movements or improper handling of amulets but the Amulet of Barami rises above them.

Whether you can get to wear good Teachers collections is another matter. We have seen many well to do people whom can afford for eg. a genuine piece of Phra Pidta Ven. LP Kron Wat Bangsek but the pieces he hung over his neck are fakes. And he can still be proud of it. People with their own cup full ego are difficult to add anymore tea of enlightenment, it will just overflow. So we kept quiet and let him be happy. That is why I say affinity, it’s something not just money can buy.

So in our opinion, earn to help you favorite amulet to  response as your wishes by practising:

1. Accumulating merits. Perform dana regularly and sincerely.

2. Observe your precepts. Observe all 5 would be great, if not at least 2, if not 3.

3. Daily chantings. Even simple Namo Tassa… will do if one does with with great concentration and reverence.

4. Meditations. Regular practice even if it’s just a couple of minutes after your chantings.

5. Invite your amulets before wearing over you neck : Eg

Namo Tassa…3x

Puthang Arathananeng

Dhammang Arathananeng

Sangkhang Arathananeng

Khapachow Khor Arathana Khun Praputhachow, Khun PhraDhammakchow, Khun PhraSangkhakchow, Khun Bida Lek Manda, Kruba Archan Saksit Thang Lai, ( then follow with

mentioning the names of your amulets eg. Pothan ChaoKhun Wat bangsek or LP Phrom Wat ChongKae ), then just wish before wearing over your neck.

October 20, 2012

Ven. LP Phrom,Wat Chong Kae Phim Niyom (Popular) Collections

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Rian Taorig 2516. This is a cut version.

At the bottom right area, Ven. has witten yants Ma A Uk but very fine.

Rian Roon Raek (1) 2507

Rian Roon 2, 2508. Hand write yants both front and back too!

Phim Jaek Than Sangkhathik Yau ( long robes) Long Dam, 2515

Locket Phisek 2516, made 9 pieces only.

There were many inquiries among our members why do we fascinate Ven. LP Phrom images or collections and why is it that Ven.’s collection are high in value. Well to share just a bit of info. Ven. LP Phrom is a very well respected Gaeji Archan then till now because Ven. is Wachasit (sacred mouth). During His time and even now if there’s ever a qualifying blockbuster of the top Gaeji Archan in Thailand. Ven. will be in Top 10. In Thailand among Ven. LP Phrom fans will know this incidents that happened that garnered much respect and reverence from laities:

1. There was this Mae Chee (nun) that wanted to return to household life after practising for years. She has fallen in love and wants to get married.  She visited Ven. to seek His blessing but Ven. said no need to give up her practise of years. But she went ahead anyhow…then one night when she was being intimate with her lover. Her lover got a fright of his life!….he saw that she had a male genitalia! But of course she is a normal healthy 100% female.

2. A quite good looking girl always travel to and from work using a regular route and kidnapped by a rapist. The rapist left in a shocking lurch at the midst of the struggle in the bushes because he couldn’t find the female genitalia…(where it should be!).

3. A well and prominent business was kidnapped at gunpoint. Being locked away in cuffs, he prayed very hard to Ven. LP Phrom, chanting his heart mantra (will provide later) . The cuffs miraculously snapped open! Dressed only in his boxers, he ran for his life and escaped!

4. There was this incident that his lay disciple gave out PhaKhaoMa (Thai Batik) to patrons whom requested. But he didn’t take from Venerable’s hand or get His permission to buy and let Ven. bless them first. The lay disciple just bought from market and handed to the patrons. When Ven. found out the matter, Ven. chidded him “Ba! (Crazy!) and true enough, his lay disciple lost his mind eventually.

5. A lady ChaoKoayTeow seller just right in front of the temple is a regular patron whom make offerings to Ven. LP Phrom. One fine day, Ven. told her, “Yom (dear householder), why billionaires like you still work so hard?” She laughed heartily and said, ” Venerable Father, please don’t tease me. I am just a noodles seller!”  Ven. LP asked why she don’t wished to be a billionaire? She said she don’t even dared to imagine…but then she re-quipped…being millionaire, I don’t mind at all. Then Ven. said OK, you will be a millionaire then. True enough, she struck a fortune and became a millionaire!

These are just some of Ven. true life incidents that has made Ven. so popular till today. Do bear in mind, not all amulets can be speculated years after years with value increasing. Amulets without great substance in energy and sacredness seldom make it into list of highly demanded or sought after.

And the other reason why we loved Ven. collection much is because Ven. has said himself before: Other than people talking bad behind you, which his amulets cannot prevent. His amulets encompass everything, from luck to protection, all a laity would desire. And from our decades of experience with Ven. collections… true it is!

You may see more of our Ven. LP Phrom collections (still have yet to update all of them…keep reading) at .

Katha HuaJai LP Phrom Wat ChongKae

Phromma Arathananang Metta Sukhathak Mahalaphang Sappae Pik Antaraiyang Mae Ma Hae Soon Phrasitthimae.

August 3, 2012

Ven LP Tim Wat LahangLai Collections

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Phra KhunPaen PhraiGuman Ner BaiLan

This phim at the back is a single copper takrut called Takrut Maha Kan (Great Protection)

Phra KhunPaen PhraiGuman Song Na (both sides)

At the back there’s another fine image of KhunPaen (like at watermark)

Phra Pidta Jumbo PhraiGuman

A piece of lukphrakan (chanting bead) is inserted at the back.

Rian LP Sotorn 2514

Phra Kring Jinnabanchorn (unpolished) bottom copper plate.

Cooper plate at the bottom with code no. 96.

July 14, 2012

Phra Kring Maha Naresuan PadetSert, Ven. LP Khoon Wat BanRai 2536

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This Phra Kring has Venerable’s Kesa (Hair) and Chivon (robes)

This Phra Kring is No. 430 and Venerable’s hand write yant!

May 13, 2010

Phra Phim Rasami Mondop Waek Man Roon Kerd Suk, Ven. LP Boon Kerd Wat KhaoDin

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This phim dark brown in color is made from Wan MahaMongkhun.


This phim white in color is made from Pong Buddhakhoon.

Rasami means radiance of bright light,

Mondop is a structure of a throne,

Waek man means unveils the curtain of the throne.

This amulet’s iconography represents the bright radiance light from an Enlighthen One. The radiating brightness of Him reveals and shine forth. This amulet is useful especially for those whom are going through tough times or lack of luck. It is made by Ven. LP Boon Kerd Wat KhaoDin, Chainart.

This is Ven. LP being helped by one of us , Khun Ae, also his disciple whom have now returned to lay life.


Ven. LP Boon Kerd is of Ven. LP Gop lineage ( refer to locket on the left, the photo of Ven. LP Gop is at top left corner, Ven. LP Obasi is at top right corner and Ven. LP Boon Kerd at the center. ). He is direct disciple of Ven. LP Obasi ( refer to photo of locket on the right.) For those whom haven’t met Ven. before will find Ven. rather strange because Ven. may just suddenly talks to nothing in the air. No!, Ven. is not a mental but Ven. is just like his Teachers, Ven. LP Obasi and Ven. LP Gop, they can see celestial beings from other realms and communicate with them. Strange but true. We often receive phrataps sadet/relics borne from air, from Ven. . The photo above shows one of us helping Ven. down to his kuti, Ven. actually descended from the mountain cave above to collect the relics. From time to time, celestials beings will inform Ven. that they have brought him relics and kept in the mountain above.

At the back of this amulets are Yant Budh and Nak Mak Pak Thak or Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. It symbolize completeness. And at the bottom is written Kerd Suk which also means happiness is born. This Phra Phim Rasami actually follows the make of Ven. LP Suk Wat MaKhamThao, Chainart. In Chainart, Ven. LP Suk is regarded as the grandmaster just as Ven. LP Thuad is to Southern Thailand.

The Katha for this Amulet is:

Satta Theva Manussanang Buddho Bhagavati Ma A U

May 4, 2010

Phayant Ven. LP Kron, Wat Bangsek

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This is an inked print phayant of Ven. LP Kron. This is chanted by Ven. himself. The yants are of ;

E Rak Ja Kha Tha Rak Sa, Thi Hang Jak Tho Ro Thi Nang, Phi Sam Ra Ro Bu Sa Bu… commonly knows as the Katha of Eight Directions and also Yant Kropetch (The Diamond Shield). But this yants itself has many uses other than just protection, for example it also represents the Guardian of the Day. In fact this yant encompasses all kinds of blessings.

Though inked print, it is originally wriiten by Ven. Than Chao Khun himself. Every Teacher would have their own diagram yants of this katha but Ven. Than Chao Khun’s is unique and beautiful.

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