April 18, 2015

Venerable LP Thim Wat LahangLai Amulet Collections

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Phra Somdej with Ruby at the crown of Buddha image.

Phra KhunPaen Phraiguman Neur Khao  ( White Powder ) Lang Takrut Salika Song Dok (  2 Takrut Salika at the back )

Phra KhunPaen Phraiguman Neur Dam ( Black Powder ) Lang Takrut Salika Song Dok ( 2 Takut Salika at the back )

Phra KhunPaen Phraiguman Neur Dam ( Black Powder ) Lang Takrut MahaPhrap 3 dok ( 3 Takrut MahaPhrap )

Takrut  Salika is commonly used for business or any profession that requires much speaking or selling. It is believed that takrut salika can enhance the ability of the salesmanship by increasing the metta and sanie factor. But this takrut can be used for other purposes like finding a suitable companion, increasing our metta and sanie and in some cases also the luck factor. Though I have my reservations but I cannot deny that I have seen people whom wears Phra KhunPaen Phraiguman with Salika Takruts do have better chances at bettings.

While Takrut MahaPhrap is commonly use for protection by overcoming or be done with unnecessary enemies or matters that may affect you negatively. Hence you may increase your chances of success with by removing whatever obstacles.

Venerable LP Doem Wat NongPho Amulet Collections

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The camera I used to take super macro photos are spoilt…so please bear with the quality of my photos at the moment until I find another camera that can give my readers better and clearer shots. Thank You.

December 26, 2014

Kg. Jambu, Kelantan Flood Relief Fund

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It has been 2 years MAITRI Club hasn’t been participating in any charitable projects, so we decide to help raise fund for our own village Kg. Jambu, Kelantan that is also badly affected by the recent flood. Our objective is to raise enough for every home affected in Kg. Jambu, money raised will be use to buy necessities like food, clothing and medicines. A famous iconic place in Kg. Jambu is Wat Pothiviharn, The Sleeping Buddha temple.

We hope all will participate in this fund raising drive in cash or in kind. Selangor Buddhist Association or Wat Jayanti in Jalan Peel will also have fund raising boxes allocated for this purpose. Those interested kindly call or sms to Derrick at 012 692 1233.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a simple launch today, 27th December 2014 at 8.30pm, of this Kelantan Flood Relief Fund and Kg. Jambu, Kelantan Flood Relief Fund. The launching will be followed by well wishing prayers for flood victims in all the affected states. All are welcome to join. The venue is in Wat Jayanti, Peel Road, Kuala Lumpur.

December 16, 2014

Phra KhunPaen Phim ThrongPonYai Than Bua Neua Din (Earthen Base)

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According to history, this batch of Phra KhunPaen should be over 600 years of age by now. Though immaculate condition but previous owner washed this antique piece to verify the amulet. It’s originally black lacquered as shown in the reference above. Luckily he did not washed it off entirely, still leaving some remnants of black laquer. He applied a coat of shellac over the amulet, that is why it looks new and shiny. It is definitely not suitable for those whom are not familiar with this phim because the original condition has been tempered with. But for the experts, it is an easy piece…and beautiful too.

It has very well balanced energy, from Kungkaphan (impenetrateability) to Maha Sanae ( Attraction), Mahalap (Luck), Maha Metta (Loving-Kindness) to Klaewklard (Avoiding danger). For those whom likes to wear one amulet only…one beautiful and powerful in all areas.

PhraKring Mongkhun Bopit 60 Ayutthaya

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This Phra Kring is made from mixture of brass metals. Some has the code “Wa”, some don’t. It is a very popular phim in Ayutthaya. It is made in the year 248++. Though made in Wat Mongkhun Bopit, it has also undergone same puthaphisek in Wat Suthat. Chairperson of ceremoney was Phra Sanghrat Pae together with many famous Gaeji Archan of that time, mass chanting and meditation, coincidentally it was also Wan SaoHa. It was blessed together with the now famous Phra Kring Nam Tuam.

Ven. LP Tim Wat LahangLai’s Phim Phiset amulets

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Rian Charoenporn (Progressive Blessings) 2517, Ven. LP Tim 85 years old. Rian Solid Gold. Special Gold casing. Ven. LP Tim made 16 pieces only, 14 belonged to very close luksits and 2 outsiders booking. All have numbers, codes and LP hand writing. Ven. LP wrote khom “Sak” which means success. But due to Ven. LP’s old age, his handwriting is very faint. Ven. LP Tim bless this piece for 7 days and 7 nights.

This is a special combination of LP’s original photo, kesa (hair), Phra KhunPaen Phraiguman Phim Lek, 3 pieces of Phra Pidta and 2 pieces of Phra Naaphrok. All which are Ven. LP Tim’s amulets. This collection is not meant for those whom likes to collect base on popularity of phim and acceptance of phim because this was decorated by luksit the way he like to wear them and then pluksek by Venerable again. Both are very strong in Choklap (luck) and Phokasap (wealth) factors.

Amulets of Somdej Phrabuddhacharn (Toh) Phrommarangsi

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Phra Somdej Wat Rakang Phim Yai Niyom

Phra Somdej Wat Rakang Phim Chedi Lek

Phra Somdej Wat Gaetchaiyo

I hope to share with those whom loves Phra Somdej amulets and Phrakatha Jinnabanchon on some information I have read from a book published from Phrakatha Jinnabanchon Chanting Society soon. So keep following.

Warnings! Beware!!!

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There has been numerous websites or weblogs that have hijacked our amulet photos and claim that it’s theirs. It has been for quite awhile already. I thanked all our Singaporeans and fellow Malaysians readers for bringing this up earlier.

But just to clear the air, we, SaengThai has never been affiliated with anybody nor have we authorised anybody to do any trading on our behalf or represent us!

I always believe in Karma and I came across this car sticker one day that says…” If you do not believe in God, you better be RIGHT!”.

This is just one thing that I never really liked about the amulets’ circle…much bickering and dishonesty.

We have always warn readers and potential collectors to never make empty promises on amulets but yet from time to time we have such people running into us. It is not about us, we share about things that we like. We enjoy meeting good people.  We profile collectors during our first few meetings, so we know what to expect from you. We have met and dealt with all sorts of people. But we don’t like the idea that collectors run into trouble…spiritually. One of such collector that we knew passed away due to such just this year itself. When one ran into such problems, it is as bad as hurting oneself with black magic. Whatever you do, isn’t good, problems here and there. Pain here and there. Restless sleep. So please, beware. We believe in the sacredness of all our collections, so please handle with care.

Earlier posting on this subject ,

November 29, 2014

Venerable LP Thong Saksit (sacred) Wat Donyaipeuan

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This incident was shared with me by Ven. LP Seua himself. The driver of this pickup, Khun Somchai (not his real name) visited Viharn LP Thong in Wat DonYaiPeuan and made a vow to quit drinking alchohol but returned to his old ways in less than a week. Thereafter he was involved in a very bad accident the same week. His wrecked pickup was sold for only THB50,000. When he was retrieved from the wreckage inside, he was still shaken and  seen hugging Ven. LP Thong 3inches image. He cheated death with just an eyebrow abrasion.

This 3 inches mini bucha was made by Ven. for tamboon this Kathina, chanted the entire pansa (3 months) both Ven. LP Seua, then Ven. LP Thong in His divine spirit. Ven. LP Seua advised, ” Please never take your vow or promise with Ven. LP Thong for granted! Ven. LP Thong is a sacred divine entity, he will punish those whom disrespect him. This is a good example that just happened, not to mention those that has happened before this!

The latest update as per last week on the progress on Ubosot of Wat DonYaiPeuan. Things are progressing well despite the economic setbacks in Thailand, all none the least, may the virtues and barami of Ven. LP Thong and Ven. LP Seua and of course the Triple Jewel bless their devotees and fellow disciples for their earnest effort in helping the building of this Ubosot. Special thanks to my Teacher, the Charoenporn family, SaengThai members, Ian Fay (Canada), Robby Chandra (Indonesia) and Mr. Chan Wai Leong (Australia). May all of them be bless with good health and prosperity in their lives.

November 27, 2014

Phra Pidta Roon Raek Raek, Pothan Kron Wat Bangsek

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This phim has hand written yant on its base, just like an average Phra Pidta Pothan Kron would have.

The collectors’ market knew very little about this Phra Pidta. This Pidta was made when Pothan Kron was still practising in Songkhla Province, before Reverend became the Abbot of Wat Bangsek. Roon raek raek means very early batch. When we introduce this to our members about 5 years ago, most didnt dare to accept because it was not known then. We too did not post it in our website because we did not want others to go grabbing them. Now even in Thailand, they have found out this piece and publicize it, confirming our claim.

We SaengThai was the first one whom brought Phra Pidta Pothan Kron to KL some 20 over years ago when everyone was still collecting TaiSakphan (under the bridge amulet hawkers) things. How can we not know!  We are always the one whom brought phims that are not known yet into KL market eg. Ven. LP Phrom Wat Chongkae and others. Then others so call Sian Phra whom had very little knowledge claims that this or that are fakes only to eat their own words later. We are very low profile because we need not compete with the other traders whom does business. We are more of an antique amulet appreciation center with wide knowledge and experience. There is one famous outlet whom carries the most Phra Pidta Pothan Kron (displayed) in current market, came to visit us when nobody was around (afraid of being regconized) to certify that his Phra Pidta Pothan Kron is authentic or not! He claimed that he wants to wear for himself! I wonder what is the difference between those whom he displayed in his shop and the one he is holding?

Coming back to this phim abovementioned, now this phim has gotten light even in Bangsek but prices have steadily increased! And will go up further because very limited.

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