July 29, 2015

Ingredients for Phra KhunPaen Special Phim 2015, Ven. LP Seua Wat DonYaiPeuan

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In one of my conversation with LPi Chai, disciple of LPu Suk Kovito, forest monk, Sisaket. He said he really admire his teacher’s teaching despite his attainment. He said LPu taught him. We don’t make amulets for ourselves but we made them for our lay devotees and lay disciples because they supported us for our practise. Therefore we need to take care of their livelihood and their safety.

On the same note, it is not that Ven. LP Seua don’t have any good powder but since we requested special Phra Khun Paen for our SaengThai supporters. We hope to give Ven. LP valuable ingredients to make our 19 pieces of Phra Khun Paen special enough…good enough. In fact, we hope “Good” is an understatement! We always say, we cannot thank all of you enough for your support year after year…despite economic gloom in recent year. We can only contribute valuable collection of powders  to Ven. LP and sponsor the entire 19 pieces. Each Special Phra Khun Paen given to each “Chao Phap” meaning sponsor. We unite all 19 co-sponsors to become one meaningful entity. We in SaengThai, we hope to give you a Special Phra Khun Paen that can enhance your livelihood matters and safety.

May All of you be well and happy. Have prosperity and good health.

This are most of the items, only photos of black soil of gold mines and “KhaoOr KaoNio” or KhaoOr’s black glutinous rice cooked with 108 herbs are not in yet. Every year Archan Prachuap KhongLer Samnak KhaoOr in Pattalung will cook this black glutinous rice with KhaoOr’s ancient wicha and feed their male disciple one by one. The purpose is to protect their body from danger physical harm and penetrate ‘Chang Ngang element” into our bodies. “Chang Ngang means if you are attacked, the attacker will be stunned!” In my hand, I have 2 experiences both involved our followers;

1. being attacked by 6 person, 2 each on 3 motorbikes in Shah Alam, 4am.  Attackers holding arm long parang. By the time the parang reached our member’s neck. THEY FROZED! Only to be waken by loud thud of slamming the car door. Our member sped. Even police couldn’t believe our member fled unharm.

2. being robbed at gun point at the back of his head. Two man on motorcycle, trying to rob our member in Cheras about 5.30am. BOTH FROZEN! Our member had the opportunity to slipped back into his house and lock his gate…then only he shouted for help. The robbers woke up and face turned blue as if they saw ghost . Fled immediately.

That is the power of KhaoOr wicha!

Here are the ingredients:-

Powder from Phra Buddha Jinnaraj with King Rama V at the back, 2535 Ven. LP Pae Wat PhiKhunThong . We take the auspiciousness of PhraBuddha Jinnaraj and King Rama V. The Thais believe, revering King Rama V can bring good luck and good financial prospect. As King Rama V is a very industrious person, his image is very good for business. He is a powerful deity in Thai culture. And of course, the auspiciousness of the puthaphisek in both Wat Mahathat Phisanulok ( Wat Jinnaraj) and Wat PhiKhunThong.

Powder from Phra Somdej Ven. LP Pae Wat PhiKhunThong 2517, combined puthaphisek together with Ven. LP Toh Wat Pradoochimdee. I chose this piece because the back is Yant Nak MahaSetthi. Enhancing our new KP with prospects of a millionaire’s wealth!

Powder from Phra Sangkajai, Ven. LP Pae Wat PhiKhunThong for money luck. An image depicting Phra Sangkajai with palms open (rather than hugging his belly), popularly favoured by collectors of Phra Sangkajai because to them it means Phra Sangkajai calling wealth!

Powder from Phra Somdej KetChaiYo Wat KhunIntraPhramun for its sacredness. Old amulets hidden in the Big Sleeping Buddha of Wat KhunIntraPhramun was rumoured to be protected by giant spirits, seen by the villagers. It must be sacred because thieves whom stole them, have no choice but to return them to temple. Some of them cursed with bad luck..some unnatural deaths. We take the symbolic meaning of CHAIYO, which means success.

Powder from KP of Wat BangKrang 2542, a popular phim because of mass chanting and puthaphisek. Also made from old Phra KP Wat Bangkrang.

Powder from KP 100 years old Wat PhiKhunThong by Ven. LP Pae

Old building material from an Ubosot of almost 100 years old. Wat Pothiviharn, Kg. Jambu, Kelantan. Ubosot building was known to be a sacred building, an important structure in any Wat. A building that is not easily built or consrecated. It is also known to protect from bad spirits or negative spiritual matters.

This is a raw kemenyan from deep forest. It is very good for luck, some Chinese actually use them to offer to Datuk guardian spirit or their Di Zu (earth house guardian spirit). I was with Archan Phrachuap Khao Or Pattalung. He confirmed the credibility of such material, as he also keep and add into his amulet makings. In fact, Ven. LP Seua has taken one from us earlier and added into his Phra Somdej Roon Nam Chok (Luck flowing in like water). You cannot just buy off the market as it is not easily available.

Pong from Phra Khun Paen, Phra Archan Somjit Wat NoyNangHong

Phra Khun Paen Rean Kaeo by Archan Manit of Sg. Golok, This KP is made by my teacher, a famous white healer in Narathiwat and Kelantan. Much miracles from this piece in terms of Gungraphan. My hands, at least 5 young boys had their motorbike crashed and smashed but physically unharm. One of them, was drunk. ran into an oncoming sedan, crashed but bounced off and hit an oncoming lorry due to the speed and impact. It was unbelievable, he had only 3 scratches on his right hand. Not a single bone cracked!

Some armies or cops in Narathiwat will ask my teacher for this KP for protection against, firearm, knife and bombs! As my teacher is a very famous manora…this KP has very good Metta and also Sanie.

July 28, 2015

Phra KhunPaen (Special Phim 9 Gold Takruts) Ven. LP Seua Wat DonYaiPeuan 2015

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Ven. LP Seua will be making a special batch of 19 pieces Phra KhunPaen this pansa 2015, the photos above are only a sample mould. Not the actual amulet sample!

Ven. LP Seua will be using special combination of herbs and sacred powder for this Phra KhunPaen. Ven. LP is known to make efficacious Phra KhunPaen. But Ven. LP Seua, just like the many  good Gaeji Archan that I come to know, don’t like publicity and are against the idea of buying advertising space or engaging amulet traders to write about him and promote. Ven. LP is fond of referral by word of mouth, and it is true, many visitors that I met in LP’s kuti came from far. One man whom came from a rural area in Satun, came by train and bus. He walked and enter many temples before arriving at Ven. LP’s temple.

Let me take this opportunity to clarify about Phra KhunPaen. I am referring to Phra KhunPaen made by Phra Gaeji Archan ( monks), this particular amulet is called Phra KhunPaen even though the front image of amulet depict image of PhraBuddhaMahavichai ( Buddha of Victory) because those whom had experiences (ages ago) had experienced power of ;

1. Gungraphan ( impenetratability by weapons)

2. Klaewklard (avoidance of misfortunes or enemy)

3. KanPai (avoidance of dangers)

4. MahaAmnat (aura of superiority or authority)

5. MahaMetta (lovingkindness)

6. Mahalap (good luck factor)

So they relate this amulet with General KhunPaen as he was known to possess such powers. But all this are made powerful by the power of

1. Metta and the barami of the Triple Jewel

2. Metta and the barami of Ven. LP’s practise and attainment

3. Auspicious components like the powder or herbs or takruts

4. Auspicious piti puthaphisek

5. Purpose of the batch of amulets eg for this Phra Khun Paen 2015, Ven. LP Seua is still inviting donors for Bot building and Hor Rakang (Bell tower). The bell tower will cost additional THB2,000,000.

Please do not mistaken such good amulets with those that are made by white Archans or even some LPs or Krubas of whom even put black magic components like human bone ashes or nam man phrai (dead corpse oil). Only such Phra KhunPaen made with black magic components and black wicha can give rise to negative results like womanising, obsessive consumption of alcohol and gambling to name some of such vices.

IMPORTANT: I always hear people said that if they wear Phra KhunPaen, many girls attraction or women problems. In my opinion, it is the bearer’s problem. His own lust or indiscipline or infidelity and very importantly lack of mindfulness and concentration is the source of the problem. Many guys whom I know, don’t wear Phra Khun Paen but yet have tonnes of women problems. So please don’t blame Phra KhunPaen made by good Phra Gaeji Archans.

Booking for 19 pieces Phra KhunPaen LP Seua ( Special pong, 9 takruts and special components )

Booking Price RM1,119 *

1. Derrick Cheong——————————————-1 unit————–RM1,119

2. Chan Wai Leong and family (Australia)—————–1 unit————-RM1,119

3. Tan Ghee Seng———————————————-1 unit———–RM1,119

4. Peck Yang Chew & Tan Yoke Eng————————-1unit————RM1,119

5. Robby Chandra & family (Indonesia)——————–1 unit————-RM1,119

6. Mr. Anonymous——————————————–1 unit————-RM1,119

7. Mr. Anonymous——————————————–1 unit————-RM1,119

8. Poh Ling——————————————————–1 unit————RM1,119

9, 10, 11. Stephen Foo—————————————-3 units———-RM3,357

12. Chan Tian Ling———————————————1 unit———-RM1,119

* Our members knew by now that we sponsor all the 19 units cost of makings and the RM1,119 is actually your Kathina offering to Ven. LP Seua. So don’t miss this rare opportunity to earn good barami and collect a beautiful yet meaningful Phra KhunPaen from Ven. LP Seua!

July 22, 2015

Phra Somdej BangKhungPhrom Phim Than Ku

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This is an immaculate condition of Phra Somdej BangKhungPhrom Phim Than Ku of  Ven. Somdej Toh. Its “Ki Khruk” or the buried earth stains is still very much intact!

July 15, 2015

Solid Gold Collections II

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Enjoy the photos of our collections first, I will be putting up the supporting references in a while. I wont rule out the possibility that some people would have hijacked our photos of our amulets or even taken a shot while with us and placed in their facebook, blogs or websites. Some may even mislead their readers that it belonged to them. All the solid gold collections in this current posting are properties of SaengThai. Kindly call for clarifications or even enquiry  from me, Derrick 012 692 1233.

Especially this piece of Phra LP Sotorn was seen published in Facebook recently, so Collectors/Buyers beware!

1. Rian ChaoSua Ven. LP Boon Wat KlangBangKaew (

2. Ven. LP Tim Wat LaHangLai’s Phim Phisek Amulets (

3. Solid Gold Collections I (

4. Gold Rian Phrabuddhajinnaraj Lang Roha 2535, Ven. LP Pae Wat PhiKunThong (

5.  Phra Buddha Phaireepina Wat Bovorn (

6.  Phra Buddha Bhaisatjayaguru or Phra Kring Wat Suthat 2536 (

Phra Somdej BangKhungPhrom Phim ThanKu

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Those whom are serious collectors, who bothers to learn, research, do a lot of reading on Phra Somdejs of Ven. Somdej Toh, will agree with me that the piece which I feature above is easily identified as a genuine amulet…..need not a certificate to prove. After all who are these associations (mushrooming here n there now) and their so called authority to certify antique amulets but to satisfy the curiosity of the masses of why SaengThai doesn’t provide certificates. Because we believe in practicality and own knowledge. Please let me share with you what was feedback to us, my fellow readers, if you are one of those whom has collected Phra Somdej Wat Rakang Phim Yai Roi Pee (Grade A), now perhaps valued about RM2,000. You may sell it for RM20,000 if it comes with a certificate. Target market, China Mainland. Check it out yourself, don’t believe what we said…after all its only rumour. But like they always say….if there isn’t any wind..leaves won’t fly in the air.

If this is true as rumoured…imagine that you are the other collector in the other end. What you may get for RM2,000 ( for instance), now you gotta pay RM20,000. But of course ” Rambut sama-sama hitam, tapi hati lain-lain fikir!” Some will find that they rather pay RM20,000 and get a peace of mind. That is no right or wrong with this idea, we just want to state our position clearly.

Well, I am sure there are such collectors whom can afford a premium price for this collection we are featuring. Those whom are interested, kindly call me, Derrick 012 692 1233.

PLEASE NOTE: SaengThai has never affiliate ourselves nor have any other centers. We do not engage our clients or members to deal with end collectors. If you do not choose to enquire through us but a third party, we are not liable for whatever price they quote you.

July 6, 2015

Phra Khun Paen Phraiguman, Phra Archan Somjit Wat NoyNangHong

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This Phra KhunPaen Phraiguman was made in the year 2537, the same year Phra Archan Somjit passed away. This KhunPaen was not much in the market because we hardly give them up. Phra Archan Somjit was our very early teacher we waikhru with. We had a lot of our Phra Archan’s collections. Even those Phra Archan’ s buchas revered in his kuti is in our library. We don’t really promote because Phra Archan ploksek this batch of Phra KhunPaen for a long time before Phra Archan gave it to us. My teacher only gave them to our members.

For those who doesn’t know Phra Archan very well, a lot of his collections are very popular, eg Phra Sivali, Phra Somdej, GumanThong, Bucha Phra Narai Phra Petchalukan, Takrut Phra Petchalukan and InnThong just to name a few.

Though this amulet is called Phra KhunPaen Phraiguman, its meaning is indicated as follow, as per the manual left to us by Phra Archan;-

1. Khun means The bearer of this amulet will raise to great heights, popular, attractiveness, important, powerful, authoritative and victorious.

2. Paen means The bearer has well life planning and have great ability to formulate, strategize and execute his plans well both in personal life and in career or business.

3. Rooster means The bearer will be hardworking and productive. Good punctuality and early riser.  A person whom can execute and works his plans well until attains success and wealth. Will rise to great heights.

4. Diamond means Phokasap or wealth

5. Phraiguman riding on horse; In Thai Language, the word Phrai have double meaning it either means evillish spirit or brilliant. This KP is made with good pong Putthakoon. Especially Pong Phra Somdej Wat Rakang which Phra Archan showed us. And many other good powder. So here, Phraiguman mean the brilliant child that carries the barami of The Triple Gems and Kruba Archans. Plus the ittirit or power of the Legendary KhunPaen’s son that brings success and victories to KhunPaen himself. The back of the amulet depicts the Guman riding on a horse, it means success in all undertakings with lucky windfalls and sudden gains.

Phra Archan advised that this amulet should be carried regularly on the bearer or put in a suitable place at home or business place because it will bring the bearer or his home or business auspiciousness. This amulet is rather small about 0.75 inches by 1.5 inches.

For those whom can read Thai, it is specifically mentioned that those whom are interested can either contact Phra Archan Somjit himself or SaengThai in Malaysia.

15th Jul 2015, Thank you for my readers or followers from Singapore and their feedback. Some enquired why their KhunPaen phim pong (powder)  color is different. Phra Archan Somjit did make a normal batch where the pong color is more whitish at the same time. The only different is, according to Phra Archan Somjit, the ones he made for us consist of Pong Wat Rakang, Pong Wat Paknam and Pong Wat Plab.

July 5, 2015

Phra Somdej Wat Rakang Ven. Somdej Phrabuddhacharn Toh Phrommarangsi

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It has been quite sometime I didn’t put up some good photos. I have been told many of my readers miss them much. Hmmm…my apologies, being carried with life and work. Well, finally got myself a new camera but I think I still got to work out those photos above. I felt it is still not good enough.

Well…on the contrary to what others may think…I stand by what I believe but everyone has their right to their opinions, its a free world. But I have got to admit the issue about collectors insisting antique collections must be accompanied with certificates are getting rampant these days. But I have got to praise those big boys controlling the antique amulets in Thailand that their gimmick worked, a simple idea that cashed in on the insecurity of collectors. The same amulet when one insist that it must have certificates jumped at least 3 to 4 times its original value if not more. But the issue is…such certificates are worthless to Thais themselves…they knew how the system worked…its a good business milking Malaysians, Singaporeans and other Non -Thais extra money for the same thing. SO LET ME RE-ITERATE MYSELF…IN SAENGTHAI OUR COLLECTIONS DOESN’T CARRY ANY SUCH CERTIFICATES. We know our collections, certificates are for collectors whom have no confidence at all in their evaluation and their experience on antiques.


The funny thing about collectors are that, when they can get genuine amulets for a reasonable value (way below BKK market value) but at the same time they wanted certificates…but when the same thing we get them the certs, they now say its expensive. That is why I always believe, people generally don’t like to cheat on others, nor like others to cheat on them. But they always cheat themselves (and they think its acceptable.)

This is why Lord Buddha said…wisdom is above intelligence. Please know for yourself…what is your purpose of collection…is it to be thankful that u can have a good amulet or this amulet is gonna make your ego taller. In Malaysia, we call that “Shiok Sendiri”, fancying the amulets and certificates themselves feeding on their own egos.

June 3, 2015

Wat DonYaiPeuan’s Bot Latest Progress

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I was with Venerable Luang Pu Suk Kovito, Wat SuThepNimit  weeks ago, as Luang Pu is currently seeking donors or sponsors for Bot building too. Luang Pu said to me, people whom donates for Bot building earns very high merits for oneself because Bot’s purpose in any temple is very important. Though a Bot may not be used everyday but once it is used, it serves very important purpose in propagating Buddhism eg. monks’ ordination. Luang Pu said its merits earned are inexhaustible in a lifetime and such sincere donors don’t go broke.

We in SaengThai would like to take this opportunity to thank all whom participates in our fund raising for Wat DonYaiPeuan’s Bot. May all of you be well and happy, prosperous and progressive in all your undertakings.

A little announcements for those whom may be keen for ordination when this Bot is officiated, the date has been set on the 29th December 2017. A ceremony of 9 days will be conducted. Those whom are keen to participate, are welcome to enquire from us.

Than ChaoKhun Eak of Wat PhiKulThong Vararam 84th Birthday Celebration

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April 18, 2015

Venerable LP Thim Wat LahangLai Amulet Collections

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Phra Somdej with Ruby at the crown of Buddha image.

Phra KhunPaen Phraiguman Neur Khao  ( White Powder ) Lang Takrut Salika Song Dok (  2 Takrut Salika at the back )

Phra KhunPaen Phraiguman Neur Dam ( Black Powder ) Lang Takrut Salika Song Dok ( 2 Takut Salika at the back )

Phra KhunPaen Phraiguman Neur Dam ( Black Powder ) Lang Takrut MahaPhrap 3 dok ( 3 Takrut MahaPhrap )

Takrut  Salika is commonly used for business or any profession that requires much speaking or selling. It is believed that takrut salika can enhance the ability of the salesmanship by increasing the metta and sanie factor. But this takrut can be used for other purposes like finding a suitable companion, increasing our metta and sanie and in some cases also the luck factor. Though I have my reservations but I cannot deny that I have seen people whom wears Phra KhunPaen Phraiguman with Salika Takruts do have better chances at bettings.

While Takrut MahaPhrap is commonly use for protection by overcoming or be done with unnecessary enemies or matters that may affect you negatively. Hence you may increase your chances of success with by removing whatever obstacles.

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