April 15, 2014

Maha Karunika Citta Dharani, Mantra of The Great Compassion

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As my friend, Ian, travels to Nepal and Bodhagaya much. Last year I asked him if he came across The Compassionate Mantra in Sanskrit. In fact he said that one his Teacher, Reverend Guan Cheng, Abbot of International Buddhist Temple in Canada have printed them in CDs and prints for English reading people. It’s specially prepared for those whom cannot read Chinese but very keen to learn The Compassionate Mantra. I clarified with him if this version is accurate (because I bumped into 2 different Sanskrit versions in the past).  Ian shared with me earlier that I have misinterpreted his message. Ian said that Rev. Guan Cheng actually went for the Sanskrit  course in university for this mantra and got it checked by 3 Sanskrit scholars for the correct romantised version (not 3 temples as mentioned earlier. My apologies). In fact Ian shared that Rev. recommends it to be memorized by heart for the best results? ( Thank you, Ian for the proof reading and correcting my mistake.)

I though it was only me, because I learnt TCM before I chanted Phrakatha Jinnabanchon but in Chinese but somehow it didn’t feel right (not that I know Chinese). After various attempt, I didn’t pursue but I started with Jinnabanchon instead. Until when I was sharing with Ian, he too had similar problems in the past and it prompted him to search for the Sanskrit version. When he chanted it, it felt right  but was sick subsequently then recovered in weeks. TCM  ,like Jinnabanchon when chanted correctly will help churn out and expiate bad karmas but one must have the patience and determination to chant it through.

So those whom are interested in the audio file, kindly sent me an email. The explanation or introduction are available in both English and Cantonese. The chanting is in Sanskrit (clear reading pace).

May the merits accrued be dedicated to Rev. Guan Cheng of International Buddhist Temple, Canada and Ian Fay for providing this mantra for all whom are interested.

Amulets of Ven. LP Thuad Wat Changhai

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Rian Phim Sian Toh 2500, Phim Niyom

Phim Phra Rod 2497 Roon Raek

Phim Klang 2497 Roon Raek

Phim Yai 2497,  Wan Sabutlert Roon Raek

Phim 2505 Pam Sum Yai, Pit Kwang, Phim A Ner Navakloha

These are some rare phim. Rare to see, even harder to own a piece. Especially Phim Yai Wan Sabutlert, I believe many will say this phim isn’t it. But we can even tell you who is the moulder, what is his name and where he is staying beside Wat ChangHai, we are fortunate to meet some of the moulders that are still alive till today.

Antique amulet enthusiast’s  mind must be broad and open, studies not only phim niyom but many other phims as well but the problem with many them is that they don’t have enough resources to read and research as most of such text are all written in Thai. If at all, they bother to read and research. Don’t be quick to pass judgement (unless you are very skilled). We quote you an example of Ven. LP Phrom Wat ChongKae batch of amulets by Luksit Rodfai ( The Railway Devotees), when we brought to many people’s attention. It was immediately brushed off stating that this phim wasn’t even in the encyclopedia. Years after when the new encyclopedia came out, their jaws dropped. Now such phim is very expensive too. We are serious collectors ourselves therefore we get the facts reviewed and investigated upon before we inform the public. Another example was Phra Somdej Wat Khun In, Ven. LP Ser asked us how did we know about this batch when we are in Malaysia and Ven. himself is  so near Angthong but yet got it much later than us.

April 3, 2014

Phra Somdej LP Pae, Pae Song 2511

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Ven. LP Doem Wat Nong Pho Collections

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This is a pen size meedmor. I believe the photos speaks for itself. Meedmor is very suitable for many things, protection, sense of authority and harmony. I believed many have heard of the first two, but not harmony. Why harmony? Meedmor consists of two parts, blade and sheath. The blade section represents Lingham, The Creator of Life. The sheath represents Yoni, The Origin of Life. When both the Lingham and Yoni is in unison, there will be balance and when things are in balance, it leads to happiness.

Though we are in a Digital Age but I believe many will agree with me that black magic and curses are as rampant as before. The only difference is that now it no longer restricts to only in villages or dark alleys but also to big corporate offices or busy and prosperous places. With greed, power play, office politics, people resorts to the old science of black magics and curses just to win over you or get rid of you. People don’t only just want results but also fast results. Employing such tactics that leaves no evidence or traits to get back to the baddie.

So when you think you are protected with your amulets that you wear everyday, think again. Are you sure you are protected from effects of black magic?

Takrut samkasat (nark/copper, ngern/silver and thong/gold). The gold takrut here refers to the real gold not the gold chromed copper. This must be worn above the waist. Energy all rounder, Metta Mahalap, Kunggraphan, Klaewklard, Phokasap…etc .

Phra Somdej Wat Rakang

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There has been much suspicions or doubts about our Phra Somdej if it’s really from Somdej Toh Wat Rakang. Just like a specialist doctor wouldn’t bother to argue with stubborn laymen about knowledge of illnesses and diagnosis. We mantain our stand.

Maybe many doesn’t know SaengThai’s back ground. I wouldn’t want to blow our own trumpet but just to share with you if SaengThai didn’t exist decades ago perhaps many Malaysian are still collecting fake amulets. When we started out then, nobody have seen the real stuffs. We started the trend. Then when the competition saw the potential they follow suit but modified the approach. Up to now whether its in Malaysia or elsewhere, some of this  irresponsible traders will go to temple once but will take many photos with the Reverend and their collections and started bragging about their visits and their close affinities with the Reverends. But in the end they will collect from amulet salesmen! Why? Because of lower cost and credit terms. It’s the bottom line that counts for them not the sacredness of such Reverends and their amulets. In fact, I wouldn’t want to name these people, they have the guts to teach us to collect from the factories, they said ” Same thing but much cheaper!” But we in SaengThai knows very well the value of our existence, our purpose and goals. Everybody has their own beliefs and practises. We respect them and hope they will respect ours too.

That is why I kept telling some newbies into amulets, don’t go crazy over  amulets because they will later discover that most people in this circle supposedly dealing with holy and sacred things, aren’t very holy themselves. I am not saying that we all have to practise 227 precepts like Reverends to be a holy person but Ethics, Integrity and Responsibility are great values an amulet trader should practise. It broke my heart the first time I learned the truth. I started to shun them and amulets away. It was in SaengThai, my eyes was opened and see the goodness in their practises and values.

Coming back to Phra Somdej Wat Rakang. It was difficult to play decades ago with limited information and good publishing. Can you imagine, those days,  they only hand draw the details of Phra Somdej and the rest are just texts. But these days with Internet, good publishings with great photos and alot of information. It has bridged our learning. Collecting Phra Somdej Wat Rakangs is not longer a myth or dream. It is about knowledge and research and many experiences. If even the Thais, are interested in our Phra Somdej collections (which is their national treasure), we are then not far from the truth!

Solid Gold Collections

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My apologies to all my dear readers for my absence. Without a desktop n laptop (spoilt) and very poor Internet connections at my center. It’s difficult to upload photos. Will start my postings again now.

Rian Ven. LP Phrom Wat Chong Kae 2516 Roon Mahalap Saoha Ner Thong Kam

Rian Ven. Archan Tim Wat ChangHai 2508, Roon Learn Ner Thong Kam. ‘Learn’ is a title given to Archan Tim. Therefore this rian is suitable especially for those whom are striving for promotions or titles.

Rian Ven. LP Selood Wat Kuk U Thong 2554, Roon Somphratana Ner Thong Kam. This rian has great meaning, ‘Somphratana’  means what you wish will come true. Futhermore the back has an image of Phra Narai Song Khruk, The Great Celestial Narai taming Garuda, riding on it. It’s a symbol of great authority and power. Suitable for people with authority, with subordinates. Higher management where power play or politics are inevitable.

We purposely booked the no.16 (means Selood or the highest level of Celestial realm, the 16th level) and hand write yant by Ven. himself.

January 3, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

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SaengThai Malaysia would like to wish everyone especially our dear readers Happy New Year! May this new year in 2014 be prosperous, good health and great happiness to all of us. Special dedications to fellow Buddhists all over the world  especially in countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and not forgetting all our members near and far in Malaysia that supports all our dana projects. These days are hard and money isn’t easy to comeby but we wish those whom participate in our projects be blessed especially in difficult times. May everything be smooth and easy.

Hearties Congratulations to Phra Sanit Chakkadhammo, the Chief Resident Monk of Wat Buddha Jayanti, Kuala Lumpur of being conferred the title of ‘Phrakru’ by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, The King Of Thailand. A special occasion will be held on the 12th January 2014 at 9AM at Wat Buddha Jayanti. Many popular Venerable Monks from all over Malaysia, especially Kelantan and Southern Thailand will join in this auspicious occasion. All devotees are welcome.

December 30, 2013

Kammakan (Commitee) is good or not?

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Above is a photo of a Look Om Venerable Tok Raja. (Not for Collection)

While I would like to thank the good response on the information I share earlier on Wat PhikulThong, Tumpat, Kelantan projects. It is important for me to set the record straight, we are merely helping to promote this good project but have no business interest in them. Like I have told some Kota Baru collectors, please go verify if it’s ChaoKhun’s temple project or it’s some kammakan striking at an opportunity. Like the English said ” hear from the horses mouth!”

Let’s get back to the argument of kammakan’s project, if it’s good enough to support. Let me quote you what Ven. LP Ser told a temple supporter in front of me at Ven.’s kuti last year April. This conversation was about a beautiful set of Rian Saema of Ven. LP Ser Wat DonYaiPeuan, this supporter will be coming out with boxes of special collection ( with Ven. permission). I can’t recall the total sets but its about THB5,000 each. Heavily promoted in magazines by well known magazines.

We happened to bumped into each other during one afternoon when I was with Ven. Knowing that SaengThai Malaysia supported the building Bot much, this gentleman was trying to persuade me to book many sets so that the target was reached. Ven. advised him against that idea and he looked puzzled. Ven. shared with this gentleman. “SaengThai Malaysia in all the projects participated had never taken a single cent from the proceed of  amulets or other souvenirs made by Ven. but instead SaengThai paid for the cost of making it altogether. All sets made were paid, none were left to Ven. to worry about who will collect them thereafter. Plus all sets were not made in the context of selling but as a token of souvenir from the dana contributed to Ven. “Jaedthana Borisut”/ pure and wholesome intention. Ven. said,” Different from you all where proceed from the amulets. Only a portion was offered to temple!” The gentleman was enlightened to hear from Ven. on this short sermon on “Jaedthana Borisut” but was surprised to hear such. We, SaengThai Malaysia are humbly glad that Ven. stood up for us, differentiating us from the rest. And that is also why, among our groups whom wore our Ven. LP Ser’s collections experienced many unexplainable results. That is because the amulets from Ven. LP Ser, though arranged to be made by SaengThai but it was a token of appreciation from Ven. for the dana performed by our followers. It was always about merits AND NOT sales and purchased.

So you can second guess the other kammakan(s) or in fact doubt them but never SaengThai because we set our bars quite high. Unfortunately Ven. LP Dam Wat Mai Naparam has left us and Ven. couldn’t tell you himself which are the buildings we helped built. But you can still ask Ven. LP Ser Wat DonYaiPeuan or even Ven. LP ThongPoon of WatBanPen, they are still around.

Anyway, if there no groups like SaengThai, perhaps you can  tell me where would temples or Ven. teachers source for their building funds. Depend on the government? We are quite proud in fact because among us. Some well to do followers also follow our foot-steps and in fact may I say they are better because just them alone they can donate up to hundreds of thousand RM and they don’t expect to get anything in return.

But such disturbing inquiries can be healthy because that would mean that collectors’ now are learning to differentiate the good from the bad. We hope when all of you have known then please help to educate others too because there’s more than just the physical amulet that you see. “Barami” or merits you cannot see but can only be felt when you are with the right group.

So if you can get a piece of our projects’ souvenirs, be glad! Cause they are not determined by it’s extrinsic value. In fact you should be lucky!

December 23, 2013

Phra Somdej Wat Rakang

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This is a beautiful piece of Phra Somdej Wat Rakang, look at its body, substance and the old rak (resin) . Many have speculated if the Phra Somdej we featured here are really from Somdej Toh of Wat Rakang. May I say…that’s for me to know and for you to find out but for those whom collect merely by hearsay, i doubt you will know for sure.

The fallacy that genuine Phra Somdej Wat Rakang only belonged to elite Sian Phra group, isnt true. That idea was successfully ingrained into amulet enthusiast’s mind for a long time now. But we now live in an era where information is easily available and there are also many factions in the amulets circles. Many Phra Somdej seasoned collectors have come forward and publish their views and knowledge. We encourage collectors to collect base on knowledge, not just mere belief. Even with us for that matter. Recently this year, a public figure, popular entertainer and TV host collected a piece of Phra Somdej Wat Rakang for THB6,000,000 from a well known Sian Phra. Only to find out that it was a fake! It has become talk of the town now when it comes to amulet’s circle..

We too, learn from trial an error, but over the years we have gotten more confident. Especially when our collectors feedback to us on the ‘arsakchan’ or amazing results they have experienced. It is no wonder why Ven. LP Pae of Wat PhikhunThong, a fervent collector of Phra Somdej Wat Rakang. Amazed by the efficacy of it, Ven. fixed his determination to learn and create Phra Somdej just like those of Somdej Toh’s.

But just like anything in life, nothing is what it seems to be. Will wearing Phra Somdej Wat Rakang suffice to make your wishes come true? Yes and No.

LP Na Dam bucha project of Wat Phikulthong Vararam, Tumpat, Kelantan

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Wat Phikulthong Vararam, Tumpat, Kelantan is coming up with 2 projects to raise funds for their upcoming 9″ and 5″ LP Na Dam bucha in 2015. Please come together to help book these limited edition Phra Pidta and mini bucha LP Na Dam.

Above is the mould of this new coming 9″ LP Na Dam bucha. Made to look like the original LP Na Dam in temple.
Phra Pidta Phim Chalong Ayu 82, 2014

This Phra Pidta is made from an auspicious wood, 99 pieces only. This Phra Pidta was made 2 years ago and has gone through several consecration ceremonies and blessings over this 2 years. It participated in a mass consecration ceremony in Wat Ban Pen, Ayuthaya, last year during the auspicious Wan Saoha in 2012. Famous Venerable Gaeji Archan like :

1. Ven.  LP ThongPun ( Wat Ban Pen, Ayutthaya),

2. Ven. LP Nuam (Wat Po Sijaren, Suphanburi),

3. Ven.  LP Maha Surasak (Wat Prado, Ambhawa),

4. Ven. LP Chom (Wat Thamnak, PathumThani),

5. Ven. LP Nam (Wat Noi ChomPu, Suphanburi)

6. Ven. LP Sanoe (Wat Pongtakham, Amphur Prae),

7. Ven. LP In (Wat Kaklong Si, PathumThani),

8. Ven. LP Saat (Wat Khaokaew, Nakorn Sawan) and

9. Ven. LP Huan (Wat Puthaisawan, Ayutthaya) was invited for this occasion . Every piece of Phra Pidta will have Yant Mongkhun handwritten by Ven. CK Eak himself. Holy powder of LP Na Dam, bits of Ven.’s chivon and hair will be inserted into the base of every Phra Pidta. It is now ready for booking but will only be made available to collectors on the 14th April 2014, Ven. CK Eak’s 82nd birthday. This Phra Pidta is available at RM399, temple price. All funds generated from this Phra Pidta will be use for the upcoming LP Na Dam bucha project.

Famous Venerable monks from Ayutthaya.

Venerable Chao Khun Eak writing every Phra Pidta himself.

Mini LP Na Dam bucha 2013

This mini size LP Na Dam bucha is suitable for both to keep in the house or in the car. It comes with a plastic dome with the mini bucha firmly secured in it. LP Na Dam is a famous Buddha image in Kelantan known for its sacredness both in protection and blessings to individuals whom had great faith in LP. LP Na Dam’s bucha is very much sought after as the Buddhist in Kelantan especially, believed that LP Na Dam sacredness can help prevent calamities and secure home from burglary.

This mini bucha made only 999 pieces. It has undergone for consecration meditation and blessings by Ven. CK  Eak during the entire pansa period of 3 months in 2013. Old LP Na Dam holy powder was inserted into the body and sealed with a hand write yant at it’s bottom. It is available at RM119, temple price.

LP Na Dam holy powder

Holy powder of old LP Na Dam being put inside the mini bucha.

Handwrite yants being inserted inside the mini bucha.

Mini buchas are being sealed with plaster to keep the powder and yants inside.

Stuck firmly into the plastic dome provided by temple. The plastic dome has additional yants too!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity because the last round was also all taken up. Funds generated from this batch of mini buchas will also be contributed into making of LP Na Dam’s 9″ bucha, out next year. We Buddhist believe that helping to offer Buddha images for people to revere is a very noble and meritorious act. So please come together to raise funds to make this 9″ LP Na Dam project a success.

The contents was written by Phra Kru Vithes Thammaphithak, also known as Ven. LP Daeng, the previous Abbot of Wat Phikulthong.

The Katha for LP Na Dam:

Namo Tassa Bhagawato Arahato Sammasambuddhassa x3

Puddhang Klaewkhlad

Thammang Klaewkhlad

Sangkhang Klaewkhlad

PhraPuddhakchao, PhraThammakchao, PhraSangkhakchao

Jang Baht Itipiso Bhagawa

Puddhang Khum

Thammang Khum

Sangkhang Khum

Please sms or call for booking at 012-692 1233.

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